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The Arthur Murray Carmichael Studio has been serving the Carmichael and Greater Sacramento community since 1982. We specialize in Couples, Singles, Salsa, Country, Swing, Latin, Social, Competitive, International, Tango, Cruises, Anniversaries, Weddings, Bucketlists, and etc. We have trained certified professionals who are excited to teach the joy of dance and who have fun everyday with our Private, Groups, and Parties that are available very week. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look and listen to our testimonials.

Video Testimonials

Arthur Murray Carmichael has truly enhanced my life. Where once there was fear, now there is a sense of accomplishment and the pleasure of a job well-done. I have made wonderful friends and improved grace and agility and discovered a dance family at Arthur Murray. All the instructors are patient, kind and talented in the wonderful art of dance. I picture myself having a fun and learning new steps for many years to come!

L. Beymer

It’s like a new world opened its doors to me since I began ballroom dancing. I’ve met some wonderful and amazing new friends, improved my health, found a great way to relax and destress from daily life, and found an activity that I truly love and enjoy. The staff are incredible! They support my goals, they listen to my thoughts and ideas, they give me great feedback and they keep me wanting to come back. I wouldn’t want to give this experience up for anything and I look forward to the years and experience to come!

E. Smith

Almost 10 years ago I injured my right and then left ankle so badly that there is a permanent bruise on each foot. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to dance at all. Pedro took five minutes to give me a quick demonstration. I felt giddy, and then there I was dancing. I recall that very first day, meeting Pedro and Jamila. It was their kindness and warmth that convinced me to come back and take that first lesson.

The entire team is fantastic; I have now had the opportunity to dance with all of the professionals. Each with their own unique style of teaching, it’s the same steps/material of course just presented in a slightly different way. The team makes it fun and manages to keep me on track.

A. Herman
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Our Studio's Dance Programs

Arthur’s Kids

The Carmichael Studio has started a new youth performance group where they will be learning dances like Swing, Cha cha, Salsa, Waltz, etc. The children get to perform every four to six weeks at places like the state fair. The one thing we’ve learned is that your youth love to dance and you as parents love to watch them. Your children are capably of anything and can challenge themselves into a world that can truly surprise them and you. We meet every Thursday @4:30 and the first class is free!

Wedding Dance

Now offering a Wedding Class every Saturday at 12:45pm.  A great opportunity to get some extra practice in before the big day!

We’ve discovered three levels to the perfect wedding dance to match your perfect wedding day.

Level 1: I want to Survive Program: often referred to as “we don’t want to look stupid.” That phrase always makes us smile, because the minute you stepped in the door you made the decision to dance with skill.

Level 2: Magic Moments: Is where couples walk in wanting something simple, but they still want stand out moments. The moments in their routine may match the music, make a great picture line, or just make the routine more romantic or fun.

Level 3: we call this Dancing with the Stars: People who want the whole routine choreographed from beginning to end for a real show stopper. This is your wedding and people are going to remember everything form your cake to your dress to your first dance because it was all that awesome.

Some people will not fall between these categories, and we can make a better plan for you, however, most do. Which one are you?


Meet Pedro & Jamila Buada

Pedro & Jamila Buada became the Franchisees of the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Carmichael in 2013. Prior to owning the Studio, they both started off social dancing at the nearby Salsa clubs until they found Arthur Murray’s in 2004. They met in training class, began a relationship and were married in 2007. Since then, they have competed in American Smooth at numerous competitions around the United States and have helped students win “Top Student” awards. They were also finalists at the 2016 Portland Dance-O-Rama in Salsa. When not competing, they are focused on helping their Staff grow as professional dancers and skilled teachers. Pedro and Jamila look forward to sharing their love and passion for dancing with everyone that walks through the doors. Walk in, Dance out!

Meet our team!

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